Intelligent Compactor
Monitoring System 

No more scheduled pickups and paying for removal when 
the container is only half full.  

The Benefits of Smart Monitoring

CANALYTICS Intelligent Compactor Monitoring System (ICMS) offers many benefits over traditional monitoring systems. 
Lower Cost

Saves money on waste removal by ensuring compactors are only hauled when necessary.  


 Measurable impact on the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, demand for fossil fuels and road traffic.

Better Process

Automation and monitoring reduces human error and dependency while improving efficiency of the entire removal process. 

Volume sensors send  data from the containers to the cloud where our system tracks both real-time and historical data to accurately predict the optimal time for a pickup. Customers can also use the On-Demand service to request a pickup from their mobile device.

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About Company

CANALTYICS is a waste management technology company focused on developing  technology products and services that save money and have measurable impact on the environment.